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Club Fetch focuses on small playgroups that allow for a higher quality of play.

Small playgroups meaning, we'll be caping the amount of dogs at 12-15 per day. 

Because your dog's mental, physical and emotional health is our priority.

Limited spots available!

Schedule your behavior assessment today!

Dog Day Care &  Social Club

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Our Story

Club Fetch is a pup social club for Philly Pups. 




We have provided customized care for Philly Pet Parents and their pets for the past two years. Offering Private One-on-one dog walking, pet sitting and overnight care.   Giving each pet the detailed care they need. 

We listened to what our Philly Pet Parents had to say, their young pups "have a lot of energy"  their dog is "alone for hours" at a time, when their dog is "bored" they distract themselves by "getting into things."

Pet Parents love our intimate service and want their dog to play with other similar behaved dogs. 

Our motto has always been quality over quantity. And we've decided to take that same mission and place it into a physical space. 

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm

Pick up: Anytime before 7pm

Sat: 10am - 3pm (Open Play)

Pick up: Anytime before 3pm 

Sun: Training Class 11am-12pm

Private Playdates: 1pm-5pm

Why Choose Club Fetch?

Club Fetch focuses on smaller playgroups that allow for a higher quality of play. Groups of 12-15 dogs per day (max).

More time and attention from our Club Fetch Staff. 

Going to the bathroom inside is a no, no. You've spent too much time potty training. Each dog will be walked 3-4 times each full day of daycare. 

Club Fetch Dog members will have freindly behavior and play style. Each pup will participate in a behavior assessment to gain membership.

Focus on Positive Reinforcement training throughout each day for added mental stimulation. 

Don't judge. We throw dog only dance parties at least once a week. Our staff loves to dance! It keeps the dogs active and at least entertained. 

"Thank you so much for taking such great care of my bratty animals!! They seemed so spoiled and happy when I got home, and I think they were looking for you guys!!! Charmie looked great and happy and it was such a relief to be getting updates and to see pics each day. I really truly cannot tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtful care!!"


Business Owner  & Pet Mom

Club Fetch Requirements

For the safety of all four legged club members and dedicated club fetch staff. We require specific medial history and documentation.

Client Enrollment Form

Completed, signed and sent to us prior to your first day of daycare or open play.

Proof of Vaccinations

Proof of vaccination for Rabbies (required by 7 months of age), Distemper/Parvovirus (DA2 + CPV), and Bordetella.

Schedule Temperamant Test

Every dog must have a temperament test completed prior to their fist day of daycare.

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