Club Fetch
Memebership Pricing

Book ahead
Space is limited
Must be pre-registered

Single Full Day

Mon - Fri ( > 5 hours )

$42.99 per day

Full Day 10 Pack

Mon - Fri (PrePaid)


$37.99 per day

Single Half Day

Mon - Fri ( < 5 hours )

AM Shift: 7am - 12pm

PM Shift: 2pm - 7pm

$29.99 per half day

Half Day 10 Pack

Mon - Fri (PrePaid)


$27.99 per half day

Open Play Saturday's

Drop in anytime between

10am - 3pm

$32.00 per Sat.




*If space is available. 

Open Play Monthly Membership

4 Saturday's (PrePaid)

10am - 3pm

$99.99 per month




*Limited Memberships Available. 

Unlimited Weekday 

20 Pack (Prepaid)


$34.99 per day

Private Playdate

Sundays Only (Prepaid)

Book our play area for 40 minutes of fun!

*Contact us for pricing details

Add On's

Sometimes a little extra goes a long way

Sibling Add On

$36.00 (for each dog)

Your furfamily is growing. Don't separate your pups! Bring them to Club Fetch together. They can make new pup friends but always have eachother.

*Dog Park Group Outings

$5.99/ per request

We don't have an outdoor space but Seger Dog Park is ONLY one block away! For the dogs who like to run and need more stimulation, a small group of pups will head to the outdoor dog park together for up to 40 minutes. 

Afterwards we have beds setup for designated rest time. 

*Weather Permitting. Outings will be cancelled/shortened if Temperatures are <35 degrees. 

Wellness Walk


If your pup gets overwhelmed by being around a group for too long. We offer 20 minute single walks for your pet to get some peace and alone time.

Pick Up's/ Drop Off's

We're working on it!

Our goal is so that you never have to travel to pick up your pet at the end of the day. Because we HATE the late fee's daycares charge. 

We are currently working on making this possibility a reality. 


$2.50 (oral administration only)

We will keep peanut butter on hand to make pill administration more enjoyable for your furbabe.

Late Fee's

$5.00 per every 15 minutes after pickup time.

We understand life happens. You're meeting is running late, you're stuck in traffic. Please plan ahead and contact us ASAP to either have your dog walked home or your pup will be crated while the daycare is cleaned and sanitized for the next day. 


$5 surcharge applicable to all major holidays

Christmas Eve - Closed

Christmas Day  - Closed

New Years Eve - Closed

New Years Day - Closed

MLk Day - Closed

President's Day - Closed

Memorial Day - Closed

July 4th  - Closed

Labor Day - Closed

Columbus Day - Closed

Veterans Day- Closed

Thanksgiving Day - Closed


$15 same day cancelation fee
*Full Price for no-shows

Since Club Fetch focuses on small play groups (12-15 dogs per day), we need proper notice to fill your pups play slot. Cancellations must be made by  5:00 p.m. one business day prior.

Your fellow pet parents will appreciate the opportunity to enroll their energized pup. 

Daycare Puppy Program

*Included with Prepaid weekday packs only 

$3.99 Per half day
$9.99 Per full day

We looove puppies! That puppy smell tho! Can't get enough!

We know puppies need to pee every 2 hours if not sooner and they need more rest. That's why we've created the puppy program. Your puppy will have 4 more potty breaks added to thier day.  Along with extended rest periods. Though the main play area will be for playing, your pup will be in our office area (the human side) with a bed and other puppies to snuggle with. 

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