Doggie Daycare isn't for every pup, and that's okay!

You might be wondering, Is Club Fetch right for me and my pup?

At Club Fetch, we pride ourselves on serving pet parents who value quality pet care over mass quantity. Focusing our attention on small play groups of 12-15 dogs per day. 

Club Fetch was created with our existing pet parents in mind. Dog Mom's and Dad's who believe in prioritizing their pets wellness and individual care. So we created a space where their young pups can meet and play with other happy pups.  

Our Pet Parents benefit from peace of mind and daily flexibility. Club Fetch is an extension of us making our Pet Parents lives even better. 

If you're the type of person who chooses quality pet care over quantity, Club Fetch could be for you. Our pet parents want more time and flexibility in their day, while putting their pets wellness as a priority. We promise that if your pup attends Club Fetch they will have less energy at home and a close social group of happy tails.  

  If your pup...

- Is friendly towards dogs and humans

- loves to be in an off leash social setting

- Is potty trained

- Has no history of aggression 

- Is up to date on all required vaccines

Club Fetch is for you!

See to our FAQ's page for more info on our Club Fetch daily itinerary and enrollment process.


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