Pet Parent FAQs

How do I sign up to become a Club Fetch Member?

Step 1. Download the registration and waiver form.

Step 2. Send us your completed form along with up to date vaccination records to

Step 3. We will contact you to schedule an appointment for a behavior test once your application is approved. 

-The test gives us the opportunity to get to know your dog.  Your pooch “sniffs out” the situation while under our supervision.  The test can take an hour during an Open Play Saturday session.  If your pet is not right for Club Fetch we will immediately call you to pick up.  At no charge your loved one will be set up comfortably in one of our office crates until you arrive.

What does a day at Club Fetch look like?

We love consistency! We try to keep to the same itinerary each day. A full day at club fetch means your pup will be walked at least 3 - 4 times. One individual walk and 3 buddy walks. You worked hard on potty training and we value the cleanliness of the Club Fetch facility. We do not want to invoke any bad bathroom behavior. 

8am-9:30am: Walk 1

8am-11am: playtime

11:30-1pm: Walk 2

12pm-3pm: Open style nap time

3pm-4:pm Walk 3

4:30-6pm: playtime/ walk 4

6pm-7pm: Walk 4/ Pickup 

*Schedule is subject to change upon the packs needs and individual dogs needs. 

How many dogs will be at Club Fetch?

Our mission is quality over quantity. We aim to have no more than 15-18 dogs at Club Fetch per week day. We hope this gives your pup a sense of getting to build real friendships and trusting their environment.

What if my pet needs medical care?

We like to be prepared. If your pet needs medical care, by law we must take them to the closest Veterinary Hospital. We have built an amazing relationship with Society Hill Veterinary Hospital, which is a 10 minute drive from Club Fetch. You will be notified immediately that your pet is in need of care and being taken to Society Hill Vet.

How can you weed out any dog that may be aggressive?

We really like to get to know the pets we care for. Each dog must take our behavior assessment to gain enrollment at Club Fetch. We do not tempt dogs with by having toys or food in the play area to deter from any food aggression or possessive behavior.

*If a pet is enrolled and later shows signs of aggression, the pet will be crated and picked up immediately by their pet parents. 

What happens if there is a fight?

A dog fight can happen in a matter of seconds. After getting the dogs attention they will be separated and given time to cool off with an individual walk or placed in our office area. 

*If a dog is truly aggressive towards other dogs and humans the dog will be placed in a crate in our office and the pet parent will be notified to come pickup their pet immediately. 

Can my pet be kicked out of daycare?

If a pet is aggressive and dangerous towards other dogs and humans Club Fetch will consider one - one services as an alternative. Since not all dogs do well in a social setting. 

*By law we are required to separate any aggressive dog from all other dogs and humans.  At this point the pet will be up for un-enrollment. 

Do my prepaid packages expire?

No! There is no expiration date on daycare packages. *Cancelled memberships are non-refundable.

What is Open Play Saturday?

On Saturdays Club Fetch is open 10am -3pm. While you run errands drop your pup off for a few hours of open play. Pick up is anytime before 3pm. This is a great way to schedule playdates with other Club Fetch members. 

Do you offer overnight boarding at Club Fetch?

We do not offer on site boarding at Club Fetch. We DO offer private overnight services. After a scheduled meet and greet a trusted sitter will stay overnight in your home with your pet. All overnight requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance. Contact if you have any questions about our private pet care. 

What are Daycare Pre-requisites

  • PUPPIES must be at least 4 months old. Our daycare is most suitable for dogs 4 months- 10 years with no health problems.

  • ALL DOGS must be spayed or neutered by 7 months old.

  • ALL DOGS must wear flea and tick protection from March - November.

  • ALL DOGS must be currently vaccinated against Rabies (by 7 months of age), Distemper + Parvovirus (DA2+ CPV) and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). *PA law requires Bordetella administered EVERY 12 months. 

Will I receive updates of my dog at Club Fetch?

Oh yes! Each Pet Parents is sent a midday report card. All report cards include a small narrative of their day, who they have made friends with, how many walks they've had, picture updates, and if they went to the bathroom.

My Pet needs to eat during the day. Do you offer meal time at Club Fetch?

Yes we do! We understand puppies eat more than twice a day and some dogs have dinner at 4:30pm. 

Please bring your pups dry dog food with you. We can store it at the facility for the week if its in an air tight container. We do not have a refrigerator (yet) to store wet food.  

During feeding time, your pup will be separated from the pack and brought into the office area to be fed. 

Does Club Fetch offer training classes?

Yes! We have collaborated with trainers who teach through Positive Reinforcement only. Small group training classes will be held on Sundays. 

How do I make a payment?

We have an online platform where each pet parent creates an account for their pet. Your credit card information will be saved to that account to make payment easy and simple. All Club Fetch services must be paid ahead of time. Even drop in's at daycare will be charged through their account that day. We do not accept cash or checks.

What's a Behavior Assessment?

Behavior Assessments will be on Saturdays during an Open play day for 30-45 minutes. Your pup will be observed on how they socialize with others, what type of play style they have, and how they resolve conflict. Please make sure your pet has emptied their bladder before their assessment.

Is doggie daycare right for my pup?

We ensure a calm and safe environment for all members of the Club Fetch family.  We do not accept aggressive dogs or dogs that require choke, shock, prong or flea collars. Generally, Club Fetch is best suited for strong, healthy and confident dogs that are at least 4 months old and not older than 10 years. 

Things to consider:

1. How does your dog behave in an off leash dog communal setting? 

2. Have there been any situations where your dog was triggered by another dog? What was the trigger? 

3. Does your pup like to be social? 

4. If your pup prefers one on one attention, consider our private dog walks instead. 

* Doggie daycare is not for every pup, and that's OKAY! Our services are customizable based on your pets needs. 

How do I choose the right daycare schedule for my dog?

As you may have noticed, we offer a 10 day packages of full days or half days at Club Fetch.

Why is that?


We have observed that a dog who attends over three days of daycare each week is over stimulated. Symptoms of over stimulation include, a cranky attitude, aggressive behavior, exhaustion and isolation. 

Club Fetch is a place to help pups get out energy and socialize in a well balanced way. We want your pup to be calm and happy once they leave Club Fetch. 

So, What is the best daycare plan for my pup ?

After your pup has been approved and has passed their behavior assessment. We highly recommend a combination of one of our 10 day packages (since whatever you don't use that month can roll over to the next) Which covers 2-3 days of daycare a week.

Along with our Open Play Saturday package, which covers up to 5 hours of open play for 4 Saturdays. 

Can I rent out Club Fetch for Playdates?

Yes, yes & yes!

Sundays beginning at 1pm, Club Fetch can be booked for private playdates and meet up events. This is great for pups and their bff's to get together and play.

Club Fetch staff will be there to supervise, take song requests, and hand out treats. 

Please send us an email to get a private event quote. 

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